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Penn & Meyer | 29 Weeker Twin Sisters

Beautiful identical twin sisters Penn and Meyer were born at 29 Weeks + 5 days last fall and when they were two weeks old, I had the privilege of being invited to their NICU room for their first photo session. By then Penn was weighing in 3 lbs 3 oz and Meyer 2 lbs 15 oz, both as cute as could be! This particular NICU has two babies per room, so when they have twins it works out great because the room is so spacious and no one is bumping elbows. Being that I don’t use flash, the natural light from the windows was awesome and the girls loved their hands on care with Mom & Dad and the snuggles that followed. It was such a treasure to be able to give these images not only to their parents, but to Penn & Meyer as well, to one day look back on and marvel at how little they were and how much they’ve grown. Happily the girls made it home the week before Christmas, a week before their original due date, and are doing wonderfully!

BelieveInPreemies-Jessica-Strom-Photography-P&M-Preemie-NICU-01 BelieveInPreemies-Jessica-Strom-Photography-P&M-Preemie-NICU-02 BelieveInPreemies-Jessica-Strom-Photography-P&M-Preemie-NICU-03 BelieveInPreemies-Jessica-Strom-Photography-P&M-Preemie-NICU-04