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One Month Layla at 2 lbs | 25 Weeker

Earlier this month I had the joy of returning to the NICU for the first time since my own little guy was born in February and it felt so good to be able to do what I love, and that’s loving families! Layla’s mom had reached out to me when she found my info in the parent room at the NICU she’s at and asked if I would come photograph her daughter Layla, who was born at 25 Weeks + 2 days weighing 1 lb 9 oz. The day that it worked for me to go happened to also be Layla’s 1 Monthiversary and she had officially joined the two pound club. This feisty little miss may be tiny but she has got one fun little personality! It never ceases to leave me in awe of these teeny tiny fragile little humans to see their personalities shine through when they should still be baking. And those eyes… oh melt me, I could get lost in those forever. As you can see Layla was very relaxed during our time together, and she also enjoyed her adorable Auntie making funny noises at her behind me. =)


Some itty bitty details. <3


Before Layla was transferred to mom for some Kangaroo care, her lovely nurse did her cares and vitals and had Mom give Layla a taste of breastmilk on her lips to help get her ready down the road for when she starts feeds. And it was the sweetest thing when Layla, all 2 precious pounds of her, tried to suck on that cotton swab when she tasted the milk. Talk about amazing!


I love showing perspective compared to parents’ hands, and Layla’s Daddy was so sweet with her.


We got some last snaps of Layla with her 1 Month sticker and hamming it up for her Auntie (it was so precious!) before cuddle time with Momma. The second Layla was placed on Mom’s chest, she just snuggled right in and knew that it was the best place in the world to be, being lulled to sleep by Mom’s beating heart, beating strongly for her baby girl. Keep growing sweetheart, you’re doing AMAZING!!


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