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The Cutest Easter Eggs in the History of Ever

It started with a late evening idea. I was at my desk working and sent some of my friends in the NICU world a message about this idea I had to bring in Spring. Everyone got excited about it. My friend at the Circle of Hope NICU Foundation absolutely rocked making the eggs, and with the help of the amazing staff at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, we welcomed Spring in with Easter Eggs! I love doing events like these as ways to help the parents feel loved and supported when life is not normal for them. No two eggs were exactly the same and aside from parents getting a digital copy from me, they are also getting framed prints to put in each baby’s room. I’ve said it time and time again, photography is a healing tool. To bring some sense of normal to situations that are anything but. Seriously, these events bring me so much joy being able to love these parents and their babies. =)

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