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22 Weeker Aubrey Turns the BIG ONE!

Last year I had the privilege of meeting and photographing teeny tiny wee Miss Aubrey in the hospital when she was just 2 weeks fresh. Born at just 22 weeks (and how many days I honestly don’t remember), she weighed 1 lb 2 oz and when I photographed her she was just past her birth weight at 1 lb 3 oz. Aubrey’s momma had asked me to keep the images private until she was ready to share, and as always I am so respectful of parents’ decisions when it comes to social media. Sharing photos is not why I offer these sessions, it’s merely a bonus. But now Aubrey has TURNED ONE and ahhh, guys, she’s so cute! Her family brought her out to me for her 1 Year Photos and I could not get enough of her! She played shy with me but I got a little smile out of her. She’s doing so well, happy, healthy, amazing. The best outcome a parent can hope for. I photographed her twice in the NICU, though the second session I’m keeping private as Mom was doing skin-to-skin for the photos and they’re just for her.

So first up, her first NICU session with me. If I remember correctly she was needing to be left to rest (I think she was on the oscillator but I can’t recall 100%), so we didn’t get her out of the isolette and it was very dark in the room. Since I don’t use flash, I cranked that ISO up and I actually love the dreamy film look the slight grain gives the images. I wish I could describe to you what the feeling is like to see a baby that tiny right in front of you, to see a living breathing miracle right there. It humbles me to no end that I am invited in to photograph these babies. I may go in the room another stranger to parents, but I always leave as a friend.

And now, 1 year later!

Thank you to Aubrey’s family for the JOY you’ve given me of being a part of telling her story. For one tiny girl, she’s got such an INCREDIBLE story. Much love.


  • June 30, 2017 - 5:48 pm

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