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22 Weeker Sequoia turns ONE!

Sweet Sequoia was another 22 (+6) weeker that I had the joy of meeting last year around a week after Aubrey. At the time Sequoia was 3 weeks fresh and weighing 1 lb 7 oz. She too needed rest the day I came in and it was very dark in her room, which didn’t have any windows, so as I always do, I worked with what light I could so baby stayed comfy. When photographing babies this tiny it’s so important to just work within the environment of the room and not disturb too much if anything at all. Since her body temp was stable and she was under the warmer, we were able to pop the top so I could get some images of her without looking through the cover, always helps. I tried something new of doing a video sneak peek, which I really need to start doing again, it’s such an amazing way to really understand the smallness of Sequoia in her photos. Such a sweetheart this girl!

And here she is at 1! I still can not believe she’s one, the year just flew by. She’s happy, healthy and thriving!

Happy Birthday Sequoia! You’re such a miracle!