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Many thanks to the families who have graciously allowed me to share their images with the media!

SANTA IN THE NICU 2014 Media CLIPS are HERE (video) from 41 Action News and HERE (video) from Fox 4 KC.

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babycenterHUFF POST Article –> HERE
SLR Lounge Article –> HERE

There are many others published in Germany, Poland, Israel, Asia and South America that retell the articles above, mainly the Huffington Post article.



My Feature on the Today Show below. They originally interviewed me in January of 2014, the article was first published in February, they flew to Overland Park to film me for the segment in March, and the piece aired in April. You can read their article on the Today Show website. Many thanks to the amazing staff at Overland Park Regional Medical Center where we filmed, Brooklyn & Olivia with their parents for allowing us to film their NICU session and the girls being reunited for first time since birth at just 6 days old, and Ava & Olivia with their parents for taking the time to be interviewed and filmed in their home. It was truly an honor to be able to bring national and international attention to the need for NICU portraits.

And the very first NICU article, the Kansas City Star (the article is no longer online)

December 2013 Cover Story in the Kansas City Star Magazine with 8 page feature (originally blogged on my portrait site)

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